Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Banner

Project... Spring Banner

Items used for this project:

 These banners from Michael's come triangle cut with 6 to a pack with the holes cut for just a couple of bucks!!  Such a fun find!  They have other banner shapes too and you could easily buy multiple packs to create whatever size of banner you wanted. 

 I sanded the edges a bit before I got started but other than that they were ready to go!  I chose the vinyl and cut it down to size.
Pull the backing off your vinyl and press the triangle piece onto it.  Trim the edges with a sharp x-acto knife.  For the holes I just made a little slit with the blade and then pushed the vinyl through it as best as I could.  You could also cut the holes out completely, which I did do on one of them but liked the pushed through look better.

 Once all the triangles were trimmed I cut some spring letters out of a matte dark grey vinyl.  But after applying the dark grey I realized it blended a little too well... so back to the cutter I went for a layered look.  White vinyl background with the dark grey on top did the trick :) 

Strung some white ribbon that I had laying around through that banner and called it day!  

See my other post about here about the Polka Dot Monogram I covered to complete this finished look.

You know what makes me super happy about this particular banner!??  When spring is over I can flip the triangles around make a new banner on the other side!! Ha!  Autumn... Summer... Happy!  Anything!  2 for 1 kind of fancy going on here!!  Enjoy!