Monday, May 13, 2013

Project... Ceiling Fan

Project . . . Ceiling Fan

Finished Ceiling Fan

... and here's what the original looked like

My next sticker project as you can see was to redo the ceiling fan in my bedroom.  It was time for a change!  I've been wanting new bedding for quite some time and hadn't found what I was looking for.  So I quit looking for the time being and focused on what I could change... the decor!

 The next couple posts will be part of my update the bedroom project.  So let's get started and I'll show you how I redid my fan!  

I used the following to complete this project:

Xacto Knife
my husband - optional :)

Step 1.  
Take down the fan blades.  For me, because I'm so short, this meant getting my husband to take the fan blades off for me :)  Balancing a stool on top of my bed didn't seem like the smartest idea.

Step 2. 
Wash off all the embarrassing amount of dust that has accumulated all winter.  So gross!  

Step 3. 
Destruction time.  Remove all the hardware from the blades.

 Step 4. Cut the sticker sheet into strips slightly larger than your fan blade.  I then removed the paper backing from one strip I'd cut and then layed my blade black side down on to the vinyl so I could easily center it and make sure I had enough space all the way around my blade. (I'll admit... I did use the black side just in case I didn't like the way my vinyl looked, I could still use my fan the way it was before.  But guess what... I LOVED the end result!!)

Step 5. Smooth the vinyl onto the blades.  I love working with this vinyl because any bubbles that appear smooth out like magic. . . seriously!  So different than regular crafting vinyl.

Step 6. Using an xacto knife cut the excess off all the way around the edges.

 Step 7.  Trim vinyl away from the holes where the hardware goes.  I pushed the vinyl down into the holes slightly so I could see/feel them easier when cutting them out.

Step 8.  Put the hardware back on and reassemble fan.  Repeat for each blade.

Finished blade

Here again is the end result!  It turned out even better than I hoped... I love it when that happens!


Project Ceiling Fan = SWEET SUCCESS!!!

What you would you makeover with a sticker sheet?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Project . . . Light Switch

Project . . . Light Switch

So I've seen a few light switch plates floating around that have been mod podged with either scrapbook paper or fabric.  Love the look but then I remember how gross (embarrassing to admit, but true!)  my switch plates get and quickly realized that mod podge would never hold up to the constant cleaning they must endure. 

soo....stickers to the rescue!

Because the sticker sheet has a laminate on it I knew it would hold up to the dirty little fingers that are constantly on it.  And therefore the wipe downs.  

Here's how I did it:

(I made a video of this below!)

You can find this same sticker sheet over at Modern Wall Company or by 

clicking Here

Thanks for watching!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Project . . . FILING CABINET

Project . . . Filing Cabinet

 So I have this filing cabinet... I shouldn't call it ugly... more like regular, old, plain, black filing cabinet.  The same kind everyone has because it's the only kind they make!  My office needed some sprucing up so I started there.  I'm sure you have one just like mine that could also use some love :)

Here it is... pre-wowza stage in all it's original lovelyness

 So here's how I did it :

I used a Printed Pattern Sticker Sheet from Modern Wall Company
           I chose the Chevron pattern and picked the following as my color choices:
           {White Background Color, Grey Chevron Color and Violet Accent Chevron Color}

The sticker sheet was 24" x 48" which was plenty big for the front of my filing cabinet.

The only other tool I used was a squeegee and xacto knife

So I started my project by removing the handles from the cabinet.  The lock seemed a bit beyond my skills so I decided to leave it and just work around it.


The next step was to measure my sticker and cut off any excess that I wasn't going to be using.  Then I pulled off the paper backing and layed the sticker as softly as I could on the filing cabinet so I could pull it off and align it until I had it straight.  

 Once I had it lined up I squeegeed the vinyl down really well and then tackled the lock.  I love the way the bubbles just disappear!  This vinyl is made for wrapping around things and works magically well!  

I made a slit over the top of the lock (sorry I guess I didn't get a picture of that step) and smoothed all the wrinkles to the outside edges of the vinyl and pushed the vinyl towards the lock as well.  Just work it in all directions until it smooths out.

Once you got it smooth around the lock then you can exacto the vinyl all the way off of the lock. 

 The last step is to trim around the edges of the drawer.  I cut right along the outside edge of the drawer. 

Well I shouldn't say that was the last step. . . the last step for me was to clean my office a bit so I could take a Finished photo!  Not only did I get cleaned up a bit I found my Cafe Rio punch card. Wahoo!  Getting organized really is worth the time spent!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this little filing cabinet makeover!  Let me know what projects you'd like to tackle with stickers!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Project . . . Coffee Table

Project . . . Coffee Table

For this project I had an old coffee table that seriously needed some help.  When I found this cute quatrefoil sticker pattern from Modern Wall Company, I knew it would be perfect for this oldie.

This is what you'll need:

  • Old table
  • Sticker Sheet - any pattern will work, I chose this one in Turquoise & White
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife
  • Spatula or scraper
  • Paint (if your original piece needs some touching up)

So I realized that I forgot to take a before picture!  Ahhh!  So unfortunately we start this tutorial with priming and painting my table white.

A few coats and drying time later, I got busy applying.  I actually waited a couple days before applying the sticker because I got busy and I figured it didn't hurt to make sure my table was completely dry :)

Next step measure the sticker on the table and determine placement.  My table has an inner square that fit the sticker sheet almost exactly!  I chose not put the sticker right up to very edge.
Once that was aligned it was time apply!  
I lined up one corner first....

Then I peeled an inch or so off the shortest side making sure my edges lined up.

Then I slowly peeled the paper backing off the rest of the sticker.  Smoothing it down with my spatula as I went.  It layed down so nicely!  I was so impressed by the vinyl!  It truly is a bubble free application.  There were bubbles that came but they disappeared with one swipe of the spatula!  Awesome stuff. 

Once it was all applied I trimmed the edges with the exacto knife and that was it!  I love the way my table turned out!  Sooo much easier than painting or working with a stencil.  Uggh... Just thinking about stenciling gives me a headache :)

One other thing I love about it is it has a glossy finish which gives my table a professional look.

I happen to L-O-V-E it!  What do you think?

Cheers! Jackie

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