Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Project . . . FILING CABINET

Project . . . Filing Cabinet

 So I have this filing cabinet... I shouldn't call it ugly... more like regular, old, plain, black filing cabinet.  The same kind everyone has because it's the only kind they make!  My office needed some sprucing up so I started there.  I'm sure you have one just like mine that could also use some love :)

Here it is... pre-wowza stage in all it's original lovelyness

 So here's how I did it :

I used a Printed Pattern Sticker Sheet from Modern Wall Company
           I chose the Chevron pattern and picked the following as my color choices:
           {White Background Color, Grey Chevron Color and Violet Accent Chevron Color}

The sticker sheet was 24" x 48" which was plenty big for the front of my filing cabinet.

The only other tool I used was a squeegee and xacto knife

So I started my project by removing the handles from the cabinet.  The lock seemed a bit beyond my skills so I decided to leave it and just work around it.


The next step was to measure my sticker and cut off any excess that I wasn't going to be using.  Then I pulled off the paper backing and layed the sticker as softly as I could on the filing cabinet so I could pull it off and align it until I had it straight.  

 Once I had it lined up I squeegeed the vinyl down really well and then tackled the lock.  I love the way the bubbles just disappear!  This vinyl is made for wrapping around things and works magically well!  

I made a slit over the top of the lock (sorry I guess I didn't get a picture of that step) and smoothed all the wrinkles to the outside edges of the vinyl and pushed the vinyl towards the lock as well.  Just work it in all directions until it smooths out.

Once you got it smooth around the lock then you can exacto the vinyl all the way off of the lock. 

 The last step is to trim around the edges of the drawer.  I cut right along the outside edge of the drawer. 

Well I shouldn't say that was the last step. . . the last step for me was to clean my office a bit so I could take a Finished photo!  Not only did I get cleaned up a bit I found my Cafe Rio punch card. Wahoo!  Getting organized really is worth the time spent!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this little filing cabinet makeover!  Let me know what projects you'd like to tackle with stickers!

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