Friday, April 3, 2015

Project... Monogram Door Hanger

This was a super fast project to complete... wait... aren't all projects with stickers really fast to complete?!

What you'll need for this project:
  • Michael's frame and Monogram (or something similar)
  • Sticker sheets from
  • Sharp xacto knife
  • Scissors
  • Vinyl scraper if you want

I started with a thin frame and monogram I picked up at Michael's for about $10 or less.  I used a coupon!  2 coordinating sheets of vinyl from Modern Sticker Company.  My frame measured about 18" x 22" inches so I used one of the New 24" x 48" pieces of vinyl so I didn't have to seam it anywhere.  I used the Coral Quatrefoil for the larger and the striped sheet from the Coral 12"x12" pack.

I started with the monogram first.  Cut my vinyl slightly bigger than the monogram and determined my placement.  Next flip the vinyl over and remove the paper backing.  Position monogram face down and get ready to trim!

 Keeping the monogram face down trace around the edges with your very sharp xacto.  Very Sharp is key!  It makes the edges much more smooth and way easier to cut!  Cut around all edges and the inside.  Flip over... and voila!  Monogram done!

Now for the frame...
Same procedure as the  monogram.  Cut the vinyl to fit the frame with a little hanging over the edges.

 Remove the paper backing and stick the frame face down onto it.  As you can see in the picture below I saved the vinyl from inside the frame to use on a later project.  I just left the paper backing on.  Once I trim around the inside of the frame I'll have that extra piece for something else.  You don't have to do that step :)

 Flip it over and smooth the vinyl down.  Press all along the edges.  You can either trim from this side or flip it face down like we did the monogram and trim off the excess.

I had some white tulle on hand and used that to connect my pieces together and hung that baby up!  I think tying it all together took longer than actually making it!


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